Les vrais incendiaires, ce sont eux !

La conférence de presse de Dulthummun et consorts a été largement commentée. Je n’ai donc pas grand chose à rajouter à ce qui a déjà été dit. Sauf peut-être redire que cet épisode démontre que les Mauriciens ne sont pas dupes. Il n’y a qu’à écouter leurs réactions à la radio ou les lire par mail ou sur http://www.lexpress.mu pour se rendre compte que ce front commun n’a convaincu personne. Nous avons appelé un chat un chat. Dulthummun veut faire croire que le chat n’existe pas. Il ne s’est pas rendu compte que personne n’est aveugle !

L’interview de ce matin sur Radio One


2 responses to “Les vrais incendiaires, ce sont eux !

  • Tomato

    Thoroughly disappointed with the newspaper burning, we didn’t even see the fire burn through to the front page. And who wears a suit while engaging in such actions! I was expecting burning effigies, anger, fury and vitriol, but alas none of that. Just a warning: to anyone who dares write or speak the truth; to anyone with an IQ above 4; to anyone of a minority background. I expect more when the thugs at the VOH are involved. Disappointing.

    The unfortunate reality is that these people have a following, without it they would be of no use to the politicians. There are Hindus who in private back such organisations. These people have vary different reasons for doing so, but in general there are those who truly feel threatened by minorities and those who seek some kind of perk. Perhaps it is a promotion in the public sector, or better school for their children, or a the delivery of some service that the state should have provided to all (e.g. the resurfacing of their road). Some followers profit, others do not, all are losers compared to their leaders who are truly reaping lavish rewards for bringing the masses to the polling stations.

    My opinion is irrelevant, but I know that none of this will change and I think we all know that. Only when we, the public, want a seperation of state and religion will we see progress. This is not coming anytime soon, if ever.

  • Zanlwi

    Cette affaire n’est pas sans me rappeler les chasses aux sorcières du maccarthisme et l’excellent roman de Ray Bradburry , « Fahenheit 451 » le très beau film de François Truffaut tiré du même roman.
    C’est une science fiction qui fait réellement peur.


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