Après la mort, la tisane

L’adage local est de rigueur pour décrire ce qu’il se passe suite à l’évasion de 34 détenus de la prison de Grande Rivière Nord Ouest, ce dimanche. C’était le sujet de mon édito d’aujourd’hui sur Radio One.

Après la mort, la tisane.

14 responses to “Après la mort, la tisane

  • Fadil

    How come you don’t know how things get in? You are aware of the specifics on how to call prisoners but don’t know how to get stuff inside the prison? Stuff are throwed over the walls.

    It takes time to implement reforms. Mauritius is a democracy. Instead of going after Ramgoolam (« the usual »), why not suggest new ways to better the system? And why don’t you go after the Opposition – should he not have said something out loud in the past?


  • Rabin

    Stuff is thrown over the walls and that’s it? That’s the only explanation? I would think that things are a bit more complicated than you say when it comes to the « dark business » going on in our prisons…

    You ask about questionning opposition. True. Opposition bears partly the responsibility in this escape. Though it would be utterly stupid for me to take the opposition to task on the reforms they didnt enact from 2000 to 2005. And NOT question the Governement on what it ought to have done 2005 to now. Ramgoolam has been and IS in power, I guess that he is the first one that should be answerable.

  • Fadil

    You go in, talk to your prisoner friend, set a date and time, and voila – you just throw stuff over the wall. It’s how it’s done.

    He is in power and is accountable. But you can’t solely blame him. for what has happened. The weakest link must be in one of the sub-Gov-organisations.

    However, witch hunts require money and time. It’s better for everyone to try to solve the current issues at hand. It’s not too late – Mauritius has a high number of prisoners wishing to be taken care of.

    Privatising prisons is an option to consider, IMO. The country needs more prisons. Gov. can’t « waste » tax payers’ money – let private organisations handle the criminal population. They would still have to pay taxes, work within a certain framework, and make the prisoners work. The output of their work can be sold to the public.

    Will any decision have an immediate impact? No.

  • Shehzu

    Date ine mal metter la dans.Lol

  • Rabin

    I can pretty safely say that « over the wall » is not the only modus operandi to get things in and out of prison. Certain lawyers, prison officers, prisoner coming in, they all do participate in the prisons’ « dark business ».

    I would not term it as a witch hunt but as a full fledged reform. I have a relatively successful example in mind when we talk about such reforms. MRA and the work done at the Customs department. One would remember that the reform spanned over two government mandates 2003 (its inception by MMM/MSM govt) to 2006 when it became fully operational under the Labour Govt. This is a clear example of dedication in reform. It took almost 5 years to get things going. It is now a fact that corruption has been cut in the Customs Department (I’m not saying it does not exist). But control structures, administrative and staff reforms have really enabled an « administration pourrie » to turn into a somewhat effective one. That’s the path that should be taken in Prisons in my opinion.

    It burns down to leadership, committed people in governement wanting this Prison reform to take place, committed and well paid AND CONTROLLED people in prisons to operationalise the reforms. That should be a good start. We havent even started that! We’re speaking here about motivation and training for prisons officers. Putting right people in the right place. And, VERY IMPORTANT, modernisation of our prisons and dealing with the overcrowdedness of our prisons by creating one or two new prisons across the county. That should be a good start.

    I would disagree with privatisation of prisons though. Any public service that directly or indirectly deals with Human Rights should be under the aegis of governement.

  • Onion

    Stuff is thrown over the wall? Is it really that simple, if so it would cost the state very little to have a guard patrol the perimeter or to bring the builders in and raise the wall. If these prisoners are sophisticated enough to pull off such an escape, we should at least respect their abilities and expect that they have more sophisticated ways of smuggling goods into the prison.

    One of the problems we have in Mauritius is that we are a small-world, well connected community. The prisoners know where the prison guards’ families reside, and they know people who are only to happy to threaten them. The guards naturally are fearful of this and react accordingly. Throw in the fear that superiors have of upsetting the prisoners who have lawyers who may know the politicians, or upsetting the politicians directly, and you see that the system is one that is paralysed by fear. Fear for your safety, that of your family, fear of being demoted, fear of losing out on those state benefits at retirement.

    Ramgoolam has a few years ahead of him to leave a legacy as all politicians crave. He could start by recruiting the best experts available and giving them free reign to clean up this mess that is the prison system. Hopefully a combination of foreign and local experts, the latter who understand the complexities of Mauritian society.

  • Torpedo

    Fadil is right, Rabin.
    We had a consruction site behind the prison about 2-3 years ago, and during a survey, we noticed two « quidams » strolling by… And in a flash, one of them hurled the 0.5litre Coca-Cola bottle he had in his hand over the wall, past the camera, and ran for their lives!! Our survey team was still thinking about what to do when some inhabitants told us: « pas cass la-tett, sa ti cinéma-la arriver preske tou lé zour sa, mo cwar caméra-la pa travail. »
    Eh oui, aujourd’hui au parlement, confirmation de ce fait a été reçue de la bouche même du ministre de l’intérieur…

  • Rabin

    I do agree that things get into the prisons by being thrown over the walls. What I’m saying is that this is certainly not the sole explanation as to why and how synringes, drugs, weapons, cellphones etc can be found in prison.

  • Vidoushi

    It’s a sign of carelessness on behalf of the government of whatever has happened last Sunday.Yesterday Ramgoolam was saying since two years if i’m not mistaken the cameras are not working but he has not taken any action till now.Concerning synringes,drugs,cellphones etc I think it’s through corruption that they are found in prison.Bribing some greedy officers.

  • Torpedo

    I heard the shocking interview of a prison guard on RadioPlus the other day about cameras which are never repaired, walkie-talkies with worn-out batteries, high-tech gadgets reserved for high-ranking officials only, punitive transfer to all those who dared suggest changes to current (mal)practices, lack of rewards for guards with outstanding performance etc… What about the Commissioner of Prisons – an Indian expatriate as far as I recall…? What plausible explanation did he give so far?

  • Torpedo

    In England, the objective is now to « cut reoffending »

    Will this be the new orientation of the prison system? What about corporal punishment for minor crimes (vandalism, and the like)? Can we think about a panopticon http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panopticon?

  • Torpedo

    Rabin, pour suivre l’élan national en faveur du zougadérisme, est-ce que vous prenez des paris concernant les chances que M.Steve Daniel Monvoisin soit repris…? 🙂
    Sinon, un petit sondage pour avoir une estimation des espoirs/desespoirs du peuple par rapport à ses « Disciplined Forces »?

  • Rabin

    Si l’administration pénitentiaire fait du n’importe quoi…la police, elle, impressionne par son efficacité. Il ne reste plus que 4 évadés dans la nature! Si on devait prendre des paris, je miserais donc sur l’arrestation de Monvoisin d’ici début de la semaine prochaine au maximum. 🙂

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