Les moutons

Politique, encore et toujours. Les moutons mauriciens étaient le sujet de l’éditorial d’hier sur Radio One.

http://yourlisten.com/channel/content/31728/Edito mouton


2 responses to “Les moutons

  • Bruno

    Nice sheep! En passant, you might want to watch the Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror VII: Citizen Kang which describes such a political situation very well.

    On the day before the election, Homer successfully reveals the candidates’ real identities. Realizing it is too late to get new candidates, one man in the crowd decides to vote for a third-party candidate. However, Kang and Kodos convince the crowd that doing so would be a wasted vote.

    It’s a first-past-the-post two-bloc system. Voting for a 3rd party is wasting your vote.

  • Stephen Naicken

    It really depends on the circumstances as to whether a vote for an alternative to the major parties is a wasted voted. In 1992, the Liberal Democrats in the UK ran a campaign explicitly emphasising that a vote for their party was not a wasted one. In recent years, the party has increased its seats in parliament by targeting marginal Conservative seats. While it has not had an influence on the governing party, it has been seen as a party that reflects the public feeling on issues such as the Iraq war and the recession.

    Heading into the general election here to be held most likely in May, Labour could force a hung parliament. For this to happen would equate to a less than 10% gap in the polls, so it is not unrealistic. If this is the case, the Liberals will not only decide who will be the majority partner of government, but also push for electoral reform in return for their support in parliament. With a proportional representation electoral system, the Liberals and other smaller parties will no longer be small.

    Recall back to 2002 French presidential, when Le Pen made it to the second round due to the fragmented vote of the left and the significant support his candidature from a party smaller than the established alternatives were able to achieve. This an example of how a smaller party can succeed and how voting for smaller parties can result in the failure of a mainstream party and allow extremist parties to make gains.

    So a vote for an alternative party should not be seen as a wasted vote, even under first-past-the-post. It can send a message of protest to established parties and given the correct circumstances result in long-term change. If only it were easy to decide which one of these parties has the momentum and should be supported.

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