Une vidéo choquante!

Un lecteur  a posté deux vidéos dans la section about du blog. Le propos de cette personne est assez dérangeant. Remplacer l’ordre républicain et laïc par un ordre religieux, je trouve cela choquant et inacceptable. Pour moi, les propos de cette personne se rapprochent de la sédition. C’est mon opinion, je vous laisse vous faire la vôtre.

En tout cas, l’express-dimanche va demander à la Jummah Mosque ce qu’elle pense de cette vidéo. Et va chercher la réaction de chefs religieux et politiques à ce sujet. A lire dans le numéro de ce dimanche…

La vidéo a été retirée de youtube

John, le octobre 27th, 2009 à 07:42 Dit: Edit Comment

Rabin, you need to check this please.

Chere Mauricien/Mauricienne, Ena un video bien alarmante lor youtube. (link below)
un mauricien qui reste dans l’angleterre per faire appele a tou ban musulman mauricien pour ki La Loi Sharia vin en vigeur a maurice. c’est un video qui bien choquant, li dire qui musulman pa cav vivre lor loi democratic ek la constitution mauricienne, ek pa cav vivre avec ban kuffar ( un mot derogatoire pour ban non musulman), ek ki sharia bizin domine maurice ek le monde. il pe faire appele a ban musulman pou revele zot le 31 octobre (2009), ek demande sharia dans morice.
voici quelque extrait:

J’ai enlevé une partie des extraits. Je vous laisse regarder la vidéo afin de vous faire votre propre opinion.


Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjlgVROuEvs&feature=related


25 responses to “Une vidéo choquante!

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  • Houriiyah

    gosh :S.. i’m a muslim and i hate it when one person speaks in the name of a whole community because he not only tries to mislead the gullible amongst us but also gives the wrong image of the religion.. this is disgusting.. This is what happens in the UK where many muslims follow extremists just to belong somewhere in an occidental community..No wonder there are groups like the English Defence League that are formed….. i don’t want this to happen in Mauritius..damn :S

  • racyn

    Indeed. My neighbour is an Imam. I spent half of my time as a kid playing at his place. Never ever have I heard him or his family talk in that way!

  • morisien

    c’est tout simplement inadmissible ce genre de propos. Le comble c’est qu’il habite au royaume uni et il incite les mauriciens à la haine raciale.
    S’il veut vivre dans un pays ou il y a le sharia, il faut qu’il aille faire un tour en pakistan ou afghanistan!!

  • fawzi lfc

    franchement ce type est completement fou…pfff li p rod cree lager ..communalism

  • Coltar

    This guy is either insane or is simply an attention seeker, who wants to purposely create a national outrage .

    However why linking the jummah mosque to this video?? Why asking it questions as if it is accountable and has to apologies?
    I would have understood such reactions if the guy is an official of some kind in the Jummah Mosque.

  • racyn

    Thanks for the comment. I put Jummah Mosque in there as an authority. And I am sure that the wise people at Jummah will definitely disagree with him. As an example, if someone says the sun gravitates around the earth, you can go to an authority, an astronomer, to get the right facts. So in this case, when some guy says such silly things about Islam, I’d say that we go to Jummah Mosque, the right authority to prove what this guy is saying is bullshit. That’s the purpose of putting Jummah in there. Hope you now understand the purpose of seeking a comment from Jummah Mosque.

  • Lila

    Will we have the Jummah Mosque’s answer here ?
    I am sure it will be interesting.

  • morisien

    i fully agree with u Rabin.
    Of course there is a link between this video n jummah mosque, the jummah mosque must come forward to caution this kind of statement, so that in the future we don’t hear these stupidities.
    There’s no place for these assholes in mauritius, we are in a multiracial country not an islamic one!!!

  • fawzi lfc

    jummah mosque pa osi kuyon pu fr ene dimun koz kumsa….sa ene extremiste sa….JUMMAH MASJID jamais pu fr bne zafr kumsa…sinn VOH et FCM si kav fr bne clip kumsa…donc Jummah masjid pas pu fr ene zafr communale kumsa…
    donc sa bne kaliter dimun la rod cree lager..zot pa dans pays la zot mais zot nek cree lager…bzn trace so identiter…avant sa cree plus conflit dans morice

  • Coltar

    Rabin, I understand your point of view but still the perception is that the Jummah Mosque or other members of the muslim community is responsible for the video.

    As if we share an extra burden to justifies our place in Mauritian society.

    Just look at the comments of ‘morisien’ and ‘lila’. They both are of view that the Jummah Mosque is either accountable for the video or is able to prevent such kind of acts.

    Muslims are not immigrants in Mauritius. They don’t have to justifies their place here , they don’t need to comment on every acts and doings of people bearing a muslim name.

    In my view the only wise comments that the Jummah Mosque can make is: ‘ we have got other things to do than to comment on a silly youtube video’.

  • racyn

    Coltar, please rest assured that no finger is being pointed to the muslim community in Mauritius here. The article that will be published on Sunday will ba a blame and shame one. But it will be pointing solely at this delirious individual. And I think that the Jummah Mosque and others will weigh in the debate by condemning what is being said in these two videos. I have no doubt about that.

  • Jean

    Racyn i agree with u. we need to know what the muslim community think about it and condemn this individual.

  • morisien

    Coltar, i’m not saying that the Jummah mosque is acountable or responsible for this video, i just want the jummah mosque to come forward to condemn it.

  • Jean

    shame that jummah mosque didnt condemn this man! shame.

  • racyn

    Jean, the person who usually speaks on behalf of the Jummah Mosque was out the country during the past week. Hence the Jummah Mosque did not make any statement.

  • John

    by the way, in the UK, a group called islam4uk was suppose to march 4 sharia on oct. 31. thanks 2 liberal muslims, nothing major happened. for now.

    note that anjem choudary, a radical muslim who said that killing non muslims is legitimate, is the mastermind of the event in the uk.
    moreover, racyn, i hope u understand this is not an isolated case, but that more young mauritian muslims are being influenced by outsiders in how to view their religion.
    The group Hizb ut tahrir is operating in mauritius, while it is banned in many countries. here’s so proof:


  • Jean

    hey, en passant, anjem choudary in faire mention mauritius comme pays cot dimoune pe support shaira law, beze sa.
    c 4 urself :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgZ4n5qtgrk

  • John

    by the way, the mauritian on the video is Abu Shaafi, Spokesman for the Salafi Youth Movement.

  • morisien

    I just hope that this a***** will be arrested for « incitation à la haine raciale » when he come back to mauritius!!

  • Krishna Thirapathi

    May be you should ask the Police for a comment…

    Valayden did get problems because of ‘sedition’ etc with the Police

  • Bruno

    Je vous propose un site choquant maintenant: http://www.hindunewsonline.com/index.php A condamner sans reserves!

  • Rabin

    Dégoutant !

  • vedee

    Une politique communalisme…
    Intolérable !

  • Bruno

    🙂 juste pour vous faire rire:

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