« Ena contravention ladan! »

Vous ne remarquez rien d’anormal à cette fourgonnette de la police ? Ses feux stop ne marchent pas!!

Décidément, parfois, il ne faut pas compter sur les flics pour donner le bon exemple. C’est quoi déjà, ce qu’ils disent quand ils vous arrêtent pour vous coller une amende ? « Non! Pas capav laisse ou aller. Ena contravention ladan! »


6 responses to “« Ena contravention ladan! »

  • Harry

    Yep, you’re absolutely right, these cops should review their own vehicles and perhaps fine themselves by the way!!!

  • Akash

    Forget about that: most government vehicles have defective stop lights and flashers, and I’ve stopped counting them. Here are some stats I’ve been compiling (462 buses and 504 lorries) since 2006 when I started commuting on a daily basis from home in Vacoas to work in Coromandel and back:
    – about 42% of UBS and RHT buses of less than 2 years have defective stop lights (feux d’arrêt). When these buses are older, the figures shoot up to 76% on average!

    – about 46% of UBS and RHT buses of less than 2 years have defective warning lights (feux de signalisation: the ones that are supposed to remain alight when headlights are switched on). Older buses have 83% of these lights defective on average!

    – about 9% of lorries less than 2 years have defective stop lights (feux d’arrêt). Figures are up to 54% on average for older lorries. For warning lights, it’s 12% and 94%… And I’ve counted only those lorries whose lights were still attached to their housing…

    A note: I could not make any reliable count on the issue of directional flashers (clignotants) – there is no way of telling whether the fault is attributable to the lights being defective or the driver not caring to use them

    Pourvu qu’ça dure!!!

  • Akash

    Ah, one final remark on that post: The police pick-up has a number plate 272MR04. It therefore has only 4 years of age, and will not undergo a fitness test until it is 5 (or is it 7) years of age. Enough time to represent a danger on the roads!

  • racyn

    What you wrote about buses and lorries is SO TRUE!
    Besides, you have some very interesting figures and stats Akash. You’ve been compiling these alone for all this time?

  • Akash

    To « racyn »:

    Yes, fellow human being « racyn ».

    It’s in fact easier than you think: you just have to keep a note book very near you in the car, and keep an eye for the targets you are after while driving (in the same stride, you effectively become a defensive driver), and when you stop (because in Mauritius, no matter where you drive in the Plaines Wilhems / Port Louis urban areas, you are bound to halt after an interval of 3 minutes on average ) you write your observation down.

    Then, at the end of your trip, you make a count of your observations and record it in a worksheet at the end of the week.

    For the time being, i have managed to compile only some sheets, but in the future I intend to keep a more detailed record of my encounters: date, time, vehicle type and reg. number. It will be hard, but I’ll give it a try anyway, just to see what it reveals, and maybe publish it somewhere…

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